Atlanta Headshots

As an Atlanta based commercial photographer, a lot of my bread-and-butter work is business headshots. Sometimes this involves me coming in with an assistant, make-up artist, and converting conference rooms into my studio for a few days while I photograph the whole staff at various organizations.

To me coming back to specific companies and measuring out my light placement to within an inch and the power each of those lights to within a tenth of a stop to match the look of that new employee's headshot to all of those I've previously shot of employee's there.

To my stripped down "express headshot" option I offer for entrepreneurs that want my experience, my attention to detail, my ability to put strangers - or them - at ease - and then capture that ease in camera. But don't have the budget for all that I often bring to the table for larger companies.

And most importantly, I always come to the client to make things most efficient for them in regards to their time.

All that I have described above is represented in this gallery.